Published Fiction 

"Ten Days" in Hypertext Review [print]

"As Predictable as a Heartbeat" (novel excerpt) in Litro Magazine [web]

"Siren Song" inWords After Dark: A Lyrics, Lit & Liquor Anthology [print]

"India" in Bookanista [web]

"Testify" in Runaway Parade: An Anthology [print] & Runaway Parade [web]

"The Choice" in Runaway Parade & Storyteller [web]

"The Garden" in Runaway Parade [web]

"vacancy" in Slush Pile [web]

"The Way of Words" in The Dirty Napkin [web]

"Bloodsport" in Broken Pencil, Indie Writers’ Deathmatch Semi-Finalist  [print & web]

"illuminated destruction" in Fringe  [web]

"Slow" in Cavalier Literary Couture [web]

Published Nonfiction 


"Cracked" in Phoebe Journal [web]

"words on his death and other related things" in Sonora Review [print]

"Fragile" in Liars' League and performed by an actor at KGB Bar [web, with voice recording of actor]

"A Break" in Chicago Literati [web]

"Exploring" in Runaway Parade [web]


Published Poetry 

"How to Take a Bath" in District Lit's "How To" issue [web]

"strings" in The Night Heron Barks [web, with a voice recording] 

"Sold!" & "Godspeed" in Words After Dark: A Lyrics, Lit & Liquor Anthology [print]



"Extreme Choices: An Interview with Scott Alexander Hess" in English Kills Review 

"Am Phu Cave" in Atlas Obscura 

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