My experience as a creative writing instructor and English professor, combined with years of acting as the features editor and contributing writer for an arts and culture publication, have afforded a mastery of line-editing, along with a broader vision for analyzing, evaluating, and strengthening writing of all kinds. I approach each editorial and academic project with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to preserving the original writer's voice while improving the language, structure, tone, and focus. 

I have edited literary novels and novellas by Scott Alexander Hess, short stories by Annell Lopez, a business book called Comfort Zone Correction, promotional materials for Barrier Free Living, and other projects from an array of clients. I enjoy working one-on-one with writers to help them realize their vision, fine-tune their phrasing, and also provide structure and motivation to continue and finish. 


Please contact me for my rate and to discuss your editorial needs.   

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